How to buy


 :Payment and the Purchase Method

Payment mechanism and the purchase Brasov company provides multiple ways to pay for products, the spectrum of the diversity of the various payment methods with our valued customers. When the selection of the desired product our customers can choose the method of payment that suit them in the following ways.

:Credit Cards

Mastercard | Visa | and this is through our Web site

:Bank Transfers

 .Through the conversion of the amount due the price of the product to the company account in the National Bank of Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates.

:Remittances Banking Centers

Through the conversion of the amount owed to the company the price of the product in the United Arab Emirates through money transfer centers. It can send a copy of notice of transfer to the private Web site for the company email and then be sent to the product within the specified period. In pursuit of Brasov company to satisfy its customers and achieve credibility in our field in terms of quality and speed also can request our valued customers products through our Web site and then pay the price.

:Pay the Price after Receipt

Can our valued customers order products through the Web site and then deliver the products and pay the price after delivery of the product and it is only within the country (United Arab Emirates), while in the rest of the (Gulf Cooperation Council) can only pay the price within the payment mechanisms mentioned earlier.


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