Return Policy


:Return Policy 

Retrieval mechanism based on the principle Brasov company in pleasing its customers and provide the best service quality and speed in delivery and to provide all the needs of our products. Based on the company's approach in preserving the right of its customers in the best receipt of the product and the same quality listed on their own website. And provide the required guarantees in the purchase and shipping stage until receipt So the company has its own mechanism for the recovery of products. But within the required conditions are met.

:How to Recovery

We offer the possibility of product take-back and replaced by other products if they do not be conformed to the specifications, or may be exposed to a problem. Note that it is not the amount of cash retrieval. But the replacement product to another product in conformity with the specifications, color, or quality or price.


:Retrieval and Replacement 

Determine the duration required up to three days to retrieve the product and replace another product from the moment of its receipt by our customers and this is the mechanism it self which received the product or by bring it to the headquarters of the company described in our Web site. Note that the product must be unused and the same quality received and the quality of packaging at the moment of receipt.


:Communication to Retrieve Products

In order to do the process of retrieving a product must do a send product number and its code is requested in addition to explaining the product or defect which was not done in conformity with the specifications of the image during a maximum period of three days from the date of receipt and that your e-company. or call at the numbers listed within the site


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